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I am a freelance photographer specialising in fashion and portraiture, also having experience in numerous other genres such as; live music,  events, weddings, and commercial photography. Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time and I have also studied the subject at numerous different levels, including at BA Honours degree level.


I always strive to produce as high a quality of work as possible and know the importance of working within parameters and to tight deadlines, as well as working effectively with others as part of a team, having come from a background in retail and customer service.

My Experience

Below is a list of my experience I have both in the photographic world, as well as in retail to give you an idea of my way of working and character.

Freelance Photographer

From a young age, I started working as a freelance photographer, producing work for small publications and continuing to build a portfolio centred around mostly gig photography. I worked my way up to producing work for national newspapers and well respected magazines such as Reach publications and The Skinny.


From this I have learnt the importance of working to strict deadlines while producing the high quality of work required under high pressure circumstances. I also mastered how to adapt in different environments and photographic situations, which has given me a versatile skillset.


Today I focus more on portrait and fashion photography, but that doesn't restrict what form of work I can carry out. From in-studio headshots, to on-location fashion editorials, I have experience in all this. I also have a very versatile spread of skills in many genres and mediums, from documentary, advertisement and corporate photography, as well as creating video based content.

As well as working as a freelance photographer, I have also had an insight and gained knowledge in many different aspects of the creative industry through my work placement at Edinburgh based creative agency Whitespace.

I worked as part of a small team to create an in house project which was sent to all the company’s clients. I myself had a large role in the creative direction and continuously consulted with the team, but spent a lot of time working on location myself due to covid, requiring me to be able to make decisions myself and think on my feet as well as be technically literate with new equipment throughout the project.

I gained knowledge in the creative industry and the way of thinking & working that is required to succeed by sitting in on meetings with clients, discussing projects and campaigns, and seeing how all the different departments work together, to pull said projects together. I formed a strong working relationship with those around me over the period I was with Whitespace, and in turn continue to work with them on a freelance basis, providing photographic content for their clients.

Retail Experience
Morrisons PLC



I worked as a retail assistant in popular supermarket Morrisons for five years during my studies, which in turn gave me life experience and developed a set of skills required to work with people, including teamwork, communication, customer service, and management.

Over the years I worked with the company, I actively seeked training in multiple departments, as well as gaining promotion to a supervisor position. This is due to my willingness to constantly learn new skills to progress in my career, something I put a lot of energy into. Even though it was 'just a supermarket job' it taught me the value of hard work, which has translated into my photographic career.

My Skills

I am competent in the Adobe suite, especially; Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premier Pro. I am also very capable with technology and able to learn quickly and effectively.


I can work with flash and continuous light, both in studio and on location, and have great experience in using the equipment of Rotolight and Broncolor, with the ability to set up lighting equipment to create the desired effect.


I am great at working as part of a team and have experience of leading a team, as well as excellent communication skills, good decision making skills and I am able to use my initiative in order to solve problems. I am aware of the importance of working to a deadline, while still producing work of a high standard, and that is why I have tailored my workflow to suit these requirements.


References can be made available upon request, as well as any other information that may be required.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via email or social media.

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