Lockdown Documentary Project


I am needing your help to create a photographic documentary series, which depicts life in lockdown. Since we are in lockdown, I cannot be present to photograph you. However, I can provide instructions for you when it comes to how and what to shoot.


This project will be in 3 parts, meaning that you only need to focus on a small number of photographs at any given time. I will give you the first set of instructions now, and then in a couple of weeks I’ll send the next set, and then two weeks after that I will send the last set, you get the jist. These instructions will be emailed to you, but also available here.

Yes, you can use your phone

You can use your phone camera to complete this series.


DO NOT edit any photographs before sending them to me. Please DO NOT use any filters or the Portrait camera on iPhones. 


I recommend you turn on the grid in your camera settings to help with you compositions. Let me know if you do not know how to do this and I will show you.


Play with the available light if you can, if there are any interesting shadows falling on what you are photographing etc.


Project instructions

The following content on this page are the instructions for what I sort of images I want from you.

In addition to these, if you have any significant events like birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of some kind, please feel free to add this to you documentation of lockdown.



Part 1

A photograph of part of your morning routine, whether that be brushing your teeth, stretching, meditating, making a smoothie etc.

Go a walk and photograph it. It could be of the path you are following, or the person/people from your household you may be with.

Photograph the view from your window. You could do this an hour before sunset which gives you interesting light.

Part 2

Photograph something or someone that you love, whether that be a family member, partner, pet etc. or depict a passion of yours.

Take a photograph of your ‘working from home’ set up if you have one, and if not photograph where in your house you spend most of your time. If you are working at your workplace take a photograph there.

Take a photograph of the sunset or sunrise

Photograph a new hobby or activity you have started in the last year due to lockdown


A self portrait when you are feeling good. Take this by a window letting as much light in as possible


Scroll back in your camera roll and find a photo of something you miss. This could be nights out, being with family or friends, an activity that isn't possible under current restrictions

Part 3